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Milk Tea Powder & Dalgona Topping Set | Tivine



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Tivine Milk Tea & Dalgona

Transform your home into a cafe!

Transcend into a whole new level of happiness with the elegant combination of bitter tea notes and sweet Dalgona. 


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Tea leaves in Tivine Dalgona milk tea are sourced directly from Unnam Mountain. These tea leaves from Unnam Mountain are known for their robust bitterness and deep fragrance.

Tivine Dalgona Milk Tea Fun Facts

Tivine Dalgona Milk Tea Features

1. Tea leaves from Unnan, China

Tivine uses only premium grade black tea leaves sourced from mountainous terrains in Unnan, China.

Tivine Dalgona MIlk Tea Guilt free low sugar

2. A sweet, guilt-free treat

Counting calories? Enjoy the same level of sweetness with lower calories thanks to Xylos sugar.


3. Be your own Barista

Say goodbye to exorbitant cafe prices. With easy instructions, you can enjoy Dalgona tea anytime from the comforts of your home.



Dalgona Milk Tea be your own barista at home quarantine


4. Manufacturing process that you can trust

All components of production, manufacturing, processing, preservation and distribution of the Tivine Milk Tea Powder and Dalgona Topping are closely managed and certified by American and Korean authorities.

 Tivine safety certification

How to brew Tivine Dalgona Milk Tea

1. Add a spoonful of Tivine Dalgona Milk Tea into a cup of your choice

2. Stir in approximately 30ml of hot water until the powder completely dissolves

3. After the powder has dissolved completely, add about 170ml of ice cold milk and stir well.

4. Top and garnish with more Dalgona to taste!

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Milk Tea Powder & Dalgona Topping Set | Tivine