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Collagen Peptide Innerfully Capsule Supplement | Weekly lab


Weekly Lab Collagen Peptide Capsule Supplements

Daily Collagen Peptide Innerfully Capsules

Easy to carry and convenient to consume, fulfil your daily collagen intake needs with the Weekly Lab Collagen Peptide Capsule pack. 

Innerfully Collagen Peptides Capsules on BlueBasket

BB Curator Comments

Easy way to enjoy the full benefits of collagen and prolong your youth in one packet. Each box of Innerfully Collagen Peptide Capsules comes with 7 days of daily collagen supply and is well trusted by ladies in Korea.

Collagen in the skin decreases dramatically from when you are in your 20s to 40s. This is because the amount of collagen that your body is able to generate also drop significantly. To prepare for this and maintain your skin's collagen, drinking collagen supplement in your 20s is recommended.  

Innerfully Collagen Peptide Capsules

Weekly Lab Innerfully Collagen Peptide Capsules Features

1. Small Collagen Peptide Molecules for Easy Absorption

Boost up collagen supply for your skin's elasticity with the easily absorbed 2,000 Da collagen molecules in the Innerfully Collagen Peptide Capsules. 

2. Bioactive Collagen Peptide that is Patented in 9 Countries

Globally recognised, the Innerfully Collagen Peptide supplement is manufactured by the Zellita Group, with high quality ingredients in carefully monitored environments. The small molecule collagen enzyme is also patented in 9 countries including the United States of America, Canada, Germany, Australia and South Korea.

3. Beauty from the Inside

Not just collagen, the Innerfully Collagen Peptide Supplement also contains elastin and hyaluronic acid to further maintain your skin's elasticity and moisture.



Collagen Peptide Innerfully Capsule Supplement | Weekly lab

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