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Litely Vitamin C & Diet Supplement | Weekly lab


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Litely Vitamin C & Diet Supplement 

Boost immunity and reduce body fat with Catechin to achieve the waistline of your dreams at the same time! Get light and healthy with Litely! 

BB Curator Comment

Start your diet journey now with Litely! Say goodbye to fat accumulated from late-night gatherings and irregular meals and hello to boosted immunity. Easy to consume with daily servings portioned out in each box. 

Litely Vitamin C, Cathecin and Selen Capsule Features

1. Catechin: Rich in Antioxidants and Helps Reduce Belly Fat

Catechin in the Litely Vitamin C Supplement is a natural antioxidant found in green tea. Catechin is not only known to reduce blood pressure, but also helps reduce body fat naturally.  

2. Selenium & Vitamin C: Essential Supplement from Metabolism & Body Repair Function

Litely from Weekly Lab also contains Selenium (Selen) that plays a critical role in your body's metabolism and thyroid function to protect and repair cells damaged by oxidation. Vitamin C then gives a further boost to your immunity.

3. Only Safe & Healthy Ingredients

We want the best for our bodies, which means only natural, whole ingredients. Litely is made of green coffee beans, oats, aloe vera, psyllium husks, prunes and saffron. 

Litely Vitamin C & Diet Supplement | Weekly lab

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