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Workerbee Mini Pack 10g x 12ea 2 Flavours | 워커비 허니 미니팩


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Workerbee Mini Packs are easy-to-eat convenient packs of flavoured honey which you can either consume directly or mix in together with drinks. Packaged in 12 pieces per box, it's convenient for any recipe, drink or snack that goes well with honey. All of these products are pasteurised, so the ingredients and nutrients are all preserved for as long as possible. 

It comes in a convenient shape and size which can be brought easily anywhere. It's a great midday snack for both children at school or adults at work or even after outdoor activities. It's a healthy replacement for sugar or syrup and tastes just as sweet with many health benefits.

Choose to use honey with your cereal, bread, yoghurt, or drinks for a balanced and healthy diet.

The Workerbee Mini Pack comes in 2 flavours:


The highest quality cacao from the Netherlands is blended together with high grade honey for a rich chocolate flavour combined with a delicate sweet scent of honey. Our Choco flavour goes extremely well with cold milk for a sweet, delicious, and healthy chocolate milk for kids.


Made with naturally extracted vanilla from vanilla beans and top grade honey. The well-known aroma and taste of vanilla is mixed together with the honey to give a creamy and fragrant taste. 




Workerbee Mini Pack 10g x 12ea 2 Flavours | 워커비 허니 미니팩

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