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Another Yogurt Maker | Bomann | Pre-Order


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Please note that this is a pre-order item & delivery is currently estimated to be in end February

Bomann Yogurt Maker JM6421

Experience the joy of making fresh yogurt from the comfort of your home. It is hassle-free and healthy with the Bomann yogurt maker machine. 

Product Details

  • Size: 350(w) x 125(d) x 135(h)mm
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Power consumption: 20W

Inclusive of 4 glass jars that are the perfect size for one portion and ideal for the enjoyment of the whole family.


Why Get a Yogurt Maker?

Economical & Healthy

Enjoy fresh homemade yogurt without artificial preservatives and stabilisers at half the cost of ready-made yogurts. Have your snack with a peace of mind with glass containers that do not contain any content harmful to the body.


Easily operated with the simple press of a button after mixing milk and yogurt drink in a glass jar. 

Ready in 8 Hours

The yogurt ferments from 40-45°C and will be ready in just 8 hours. Refrigerate it and your fresh yogurt snack is completed.


How to Make Yogurt at Home

    1. Prepare 500ml of plain milk (excluding calcium or low-fat milk) and 150ml of yogurt drink / probiotics powder solution.
    2. Pour out about 150ml of milk from the 500ml carton and add 150ml of yogurt drink / probiotics solution into the milk carton
    3. After mixing them well, pour the contents out into the glass jar, filling it up to about 70-80%
    4. Yogurt will be done in approximately 8 hours 

Things to note:

  • Fermentation time may differ depending on environmental factors
  • Do not consume yogurt that has been fermented for over 12 hours


Top your yogurt off with some jam or nuts for a more wholesome snack.


Placing glass jars in hot water to sterilise from cool temperatures may cause the glass to crack. Ultraviolet sterilisers are recommended.  


Q: I made my yogurt using low-fat milk and it did not work.
A: Low-fat, processed, calcium, sterilised, soy and lactose-free milk are not ideal for the fermentation process. Please use normal milk.

Q: I used a apricot-coloured yogurt drink and it did not work.
A: Please use a white, high-quality, yogurt drink.

Q: I used normal milk and yogurt drink but my yogurt turned out watery.
A: Ensure the yogurt drink and milk are mixed well by stirring them. The yogurt should ferment and turn out well if they are stirred evenly. 

Q: My yogurt did not thicken and turned out watery.
A: Have you allowed your yogurt to sit in the refrigerator? The yogurt thickens better under a cold rather than warm temperature. Leave the yogurt in the refrigerator to rest before consuming.

Q: Should I only use plain yoghurt drinks?
A: You can also use flavoured yogurt drinks (eg. apple, grape). However, plain yogurt drinks are recommended if you want a cleaner taste.

Another Yogurt Maker | Bomann | Pre-Order

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