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[Greating, Now exclusively available in Singapore on Bluebasket]

Delicious and healthy food brought to you by Hyundai Green Food.
Eating healthy is now made easy with premium ready meals developed with great care by the team at Greating.

- Introducing healthy, delicious food by Hyundai
Greating is a healthy food brand launched by Hyundai Green Food, the food service wing of Hyundai Department Store Group in Seoul.
It is a care food solution that changes my body, changes the family's tomorrow, and changes our lifestyle.
Hyundai Green Food started off as Geum Gang industrial development in food industry in June 1973 and is constantly trying hard to fulfil the customers’ health and happy lifestyle. For 40 years, Hyundai Green Food has shown constant love to its customers and manages the biggest business branch in the Middle East for overseas business.

- Why Greating?
1.Food You Can Trust
∙ Made using more than 150 types of healthy ingredients
∙ Signature sauces directly developed by Hyundai Greating, without using any artificial flavouring and colouring
2.Tasty & Nutritious Food Prepared with Care
∙ More than 250 menus developed daily
∙ Most dishes are prepared a day before shipment to ensure quality and freshness
3. Safe & Clean Manufacturing Facilities
∙ Prepared in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) -certified facilities
∙ All Cold-Chain system to maintain optimal storage temperature

-Tasty Dishes To Look Out For
∙Abalone Intestines Porridge (전복내장죽)
Also known as the "Wild Ginseng of the Sea", abalones are super rich in nutrients and having them will revitalise your health. These chewy and fresh abalone intestines are packed with nutrients that are excellent for fatigue relief as well. 
∙Perilla Oil Shiitake Mushroom Noodles Meal Kit(들기름 표고버섯면)
Greating has paired up with chefs from Seongsu-dong's famous noodle restaurant Yoomyeonga(유면가) and The Plaza Hotel Korean fine dining restaurant Joo-ok (주옥) to bring you this delicious and healthy noodle dish.
∙Red Pepper Paste Perilla Leaf Noodles Meal Kit(약고추장 깻잎면)
The combination of chewy noodles infused with perilla leaf, a special chef's recipe red pepper paste (gochujang) sauce and perilla oil with a nutty flavour will give you an exceptional dining experience.

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