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Frozen Red Banded Jeju Lobster Meat 100g 제주 자연산 딱새우 살


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제주 자연산 딱새우 살 100g / Frozen Red Banded Lobster Meat 100g

100% 자연산 제주 특산물 딱새우.

속살이 탱글탱글하고, 단맛이 강합니다.

개봉 후 바로 조리가 가능하도록 손질된 딱새우살입니다. 


It's 100% natural Jeju specialty, red-banded lobster.

The flesh is chewy and sweet.

Can be cooked immediately after opening.

● Product of Korea.

●Safe and clean production under HACCP system 

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