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All Purpose Cleaner Baking Soda Water 500ml 다목적세정제 베이킹소다 워터 | Rebow


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About Rebow

Rebow's baking soda, citric acid and percarbonate soda set was first released in 2011 which was started with the idea of overturning the existing market. 

All purpose cleaner Baking Soda water 500ml 

An all-rounder housekeeper, the baking soda water all-purpose cleaner excels at neutralizing acidic contaminants and odors. You can use it to remove stains and grease around the sink and since it is slightly alkaline, it can be easily wiped off by changing the oily grime that does not dissolve in water. The All-purpose Baking Soda water is effective in eradicating mold, cleaning containers with kimchi smell and removing odors from refrigerators. 

The product is made with:

- Baking Soda that has been verified by FDA

- No preservaties 

- Contains natural ingredients 

- Level 5 filter with no impurities 


Storage instruction

Store product in dry, room temperature. 

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