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Baby Fabric Softener 유아 섬유유연제 녹두/벚꽃향 용기형/리필형 | Nature Love Mere


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Baby Fabric Softener

Nature Love Mere is a Korean company that focuses on eco-friendly baby products, with a commitment towards protecting the environment. Nature Love Mere's Fabric Softeners are 100% manufactured in Korea. They keep baby clothes from wearing out too soon and leave them feeling softer, lighter and easier to wear. Comes in two scents (cherry blossom and mung beans), with bottle (1800ml) and refill packet (1300ml) options available.

The fabric softener works well with Nature Love Mere's Laundry Detergents too.

Cherry Blossom Fabric Softener

The Cherry Blossom Fabric Softener contains nature-filled cherry blossom extract to keep your laundry fresh with a delicate floral fragrance. Each bottle contains 1800ml of fabric softener.

Mung Beans Fabric Softener

The Mung Beans Fabric Softener contains nature-filled mung beans extract. Mung beans have been known to have skin protecting properties from old times, as recorded in medical books dating all the way back to the Tang Age and Qing Dynasty in China! Each bottle contains 1800ml of fabric softener.

 Fabric Softener Refills

Go green and save the environment! If you wish, you can also purchase the cherry blossom and mung beans fabric softeners in refill packet form to transfer into your existing containers at home. Each refill pack contains 1300ml of fabric softener.

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