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Circular Spin Dry Mop with Bucket 원형 통돌이 물걸레 밀대청소기 | MS Living Korea


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Circular Spin Dry Mop with Bucket

Cleaning doesn't have to be a tedious task. With this Circular Spin Dry Mop with Bucket, mopping the floor has never been easier! Mimicking the spin dry technology of washing machines, this handy kit lets you say goodbye to those days of painstakingly wringing the mop.

Cleaning and Drying All at Once

With a 360° high-speed spinning system, pressing the mop into the bucket a few times allows you to effectively clean the mop while drying it at the same time.

Mop Head That Offers Superb Cleaning

A thicker mop head that has ultra-fine fibers, improved water absorbency and cleaning power, allowing you to easily pick up hair strands and dirt particles while cleaning the floor.

Smart Bucket Design for Hassle-free Cleaning

A thoughtfully designed bucket that is equipped with a sturdy handle to allow for easy moving, and a drainage outlet for pouring out water after cleaning. No more worries about spillages and making a mess when washing up.

Made for all Users and Corners

With an easily adjustable mop stick, tailor the mop to be comfortable for use with your height. The mop also has a 180° hinge at the mop head for accessing areas of your home that are hard to reach.

Modern Design

Minimalistic design that is pleasing to the eye no matter where you leave it in your home.

Product Specifications

Size: Please refer to image below

Material: PP, stainless steel mop stick, ultra-fine fibre mop head

Product parts and Assembly

Step 1. Attach the spinning base with the 1st pole of the mop stick and twist to tighten.

Step 2. Attach the 2nd pole to the 1st pole with the spinning base attached.

Step 3. Attach the 3rd pole to the rest of the mop.

Attaching the mop head: Place the spinning base on top of the mop head and lightly step on it. You will hear a clicking sound when it is properly attached.

Note: Attaching the mop stick to the mop head vertically with force may damage the joining parts and the product subsequently after use.

Cautionary Note

  • Avoid using the product on extremely bumpy surfaces
  • Keep the product away from flammable objects
  • Do not soak the product in water or wash it in detergents that contain disinfectants. Use a wet rag to wipe it instead.
  • Do not remodel the product.

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