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Hypoallergenic Hand Soap 500ml | Dearcus

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Dearcus hypoallergenic hand soap

Siwolboreum Non-Allergenic Hand Soap

Mild hand wash for the whole family to enjoy and stay safe from germs!



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BB Curator Comments

Be it before cooking, after doing the dishes, or using the bathroom, a good hand wash is a must. So is a good hand washing soap like this! 

With a chic, minimalist package design, the Dearcus Siwolboreum Non-Allergenic Hand Soap also fits right in with any room. 

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Global Handwashing Day October 15

October 15th is Global Handwashing Day, as declared by the UN.

With the Siwolboreum Hand Soap, you can treat everyday like October 15th, and enjoy a hygienic and happier life.

Dearcus Hypoallergenic Handsoap 

Dearcus Siwolboreum Non-Allergenic Hand Soap Features 

1.Does not dry out your hands, even with frequent use

Contains 5 natural moisturising ingredients including Centella Asiatica extract, Portulaca Oleracea extract, Lemon Balm extract, Backhousia Citriodora Leaf extract, and Green Tea extract.

2.Detailed rigorous production process

No artificial dye and 100% allergen-free synthetic perfume. Passed the skin irritation test with an irritation index of 0.00, and all manufacturing facilities and processes have been certified excellent. 

3.Fragrance made with EWG Green Grade components

Pleasant smell of Citrus Green Floral that is non-toxic for you and your family

- Top notes: Bergamot, Orange, Tangerine, Green, Pine, Herb

- Heart notes : Muguet, Jasmine, Rose, Green Note

- Base notes : Musk, Wood, Amber 

Dearcus handsoap series displayed on kitchen countertop with oranges.

4. Unique colour

Dearcus Siwolboreum Non-Allergenic Hand Soap is made with charcoal, which has

excellent sanitisation and purification effects. Keep your hand hygiene top notch! 

Dearcus hypoallergenic handsoap

BB Tips

Use the Charcoal Hand Wash Soap with the Dearcus Natural Charcoal Dishwashing Liquid for the perfect duo in your kitchen sink! 

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