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Derma Water Showerhead 셀라피 더마워터 샤워기 | Cellapy

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Triple Care for Your Skin

We shower to keep clean daily and the water that we use can directly affect our skin's health. This is a showerhead that is sold by dermatologists in Korea. With 3 types of filtering functions, all harmful chemicals are removed before the water reaches your skin when you shower. If you have been troubled for a long time by sensitive skin problems, this could be a necessity in your life.

3 Levels of Filtering

1. Sediment Filter

Removes impurities, algae and harmful substances from the water pipes, including micro-particles of up to 5μm in size.

2. Head Ball Filter

Removes chlorine from water and has up to 99.9% anti-bacterial effect.

3. A.Repair Capsule

A second level of filtering to remove all chlorine while preventing the growth of lime residual. It also contains A.Repair Complex, Vitamin C, Centella Asiatica extract, Hyaluronic acid and Trehalose, which help strengthen the protective layers in your skin and retain moisture in your skin.

30% Water Conservation

With 295 super-fine showerhead spouts, 342,800 ion/cc of anion are released each time, saving up to 30% of total water usage.

Product Details

Recommended For

1. Those bothered troubled by inexplicable skin troubles.

2. Those with sensitive skin caused by being outdoors often and from over-exposure to UV light and wind.

3. Those who want to wash their children with water that is healthy for the skin.

4. Those who are worried about old water pipes and the cleanliness of their water.

5. Those who are travelling soon.

6. Those with dry and irritable skin after a shower.

Tested by Various Organisations in Korea

Proven by tests to reduce irritation and itchiness caused by dry skin.

Pre-Order Info

1. All Jenniferoom products are shipped together by air directly from Korea.

2. You will need a multi-adaptor for the electronic appliances as they come with the Korean power plug.

3. It is recommended for your orders to not exceed $400 per person as GST will be applied.

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