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[Her Basket] BB X Petitebonbon | Freezer Organizer Container 냉동실 정리 용기

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[Her Basket] BB X Petitebonbon  | Freezer Organizer Container

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Easy, Hygienic, Safe

Freezer Container Set

Storage container set that keeps your freezer clean and tidy, without the need to defrost when used. 


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Introducing Petitbonbon, a Korean influencer who has 143k followers, known for her stunning recipes and kitchen tips. This is Petitbonbon’s highly recommended Freezer Organizer Container set by Thx_Soyoon.

What's included in the set?

Simple Set

- Jumbo * 1ea
- Type 5 * 3ea
- Type 7 * 4ea
- Type 9 * 4ea

- 2x2 Divider * 1ea
- 2x4 Divider * 1ea
- 4x6 Divider * 1ea
- Tray * 1ea

Super Set

- Jumbo * 1ea
- Type 1 * 1ea
- Type 3 * 2ea
- Type 5 * 8ea
- Type 7 * 8ea

- Type 9 * 8ea
- 2x2 Divider * 2ea
- 2x4 Divider * 2ea
- 4x6 Divider * 2ea
- Tray * 1ea


Safe Material

Transparent and durable elastomeric material, suitable for food storage

Freezer Safe

Safe for use even at -30 ℃, without risk of cracking or breaking

Microwave Safe

Heat resistance of up to 100 ℃ (Please use for less than 2 mins)

BPA Free

A reliable product which passed several safety tests

Check Point

Point 1. Sturdy and Safe Material

Elastomeric material that was developed based on thx_soyoon’s know-how. It remains flexible even at a low temperature of -30 ℃, without the risk of cracking or breaking, and is heat-resistant even at high temperature of up to 100 ℃. It is safe for use microwave use and also to store food that are still piping hot. 

Point 2. Easy to Organize

A modular system that is optimized for space utilization in the freezer, where the containers can be stacked and used to store large amount of food. Its transparent casing also allows easy identification of the item you are finding. 

Point 3. Convenient Dividers

Container sets which include various sizes of dividers (4, 8 and 24) for easy and convenient storage and proportioning of your food.

Point 4. Excellent Sealable Containers

A container’s sealing function is important in retaining the freshness of food products for a long storage period. Thx_soyoon’s container sets boasts an excellent sealing function where products stored in the container remain unfazed even after immersing the container in water. 

Point 5. Patented Technology

Reliable product that passed several tests.
- Patent Name: Food Container for freezer use
- Registered Design: Special design suitable for cold air circulation and storage

Colour Variants



Product Detail



Type 1


Type 3


Type 5


Type 7


Type 9


2X2 Divider

for Type 7

2X4 Divider

for Type 7

4X6 Divider

for Type 7

Organizing Tray

for containers

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