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Korean Short Rib Marinated LA Galbi (1 x 500g) LA 양념 갈비 | The BlueBasket PB


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If You Had A Korean Mom, Korean Short Rib Marinated LA Galbi

Delicious marinated LA Galbi made using premium USDA Choice short rib with bone.

Fresh and high-quality meat, paired with a sweet and savoury special marinate to bring the best taste to you! A tasty and easy-to-prepare dish that your entire family will love.

Cooking Instructions

  1. Allow frozen beef galbi to be thawed naturally
  2. Add a little bit of oil to a heated pan, and grill the galbi under medium heat
  3. Shake the pan while grilling to prevent the galbi from getting burnt
  4. Garnish with grounded pine nuts or chives

What You Will Be Getting

500g of Korean Short Rib Marinated LA Galbi (enough for 2~3 pax). 

The meat comes in a vacuum sealed package.

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