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Janchi Guksu Korean Noodle Soup 잔치국수 (1 pax, 100g) | Sempio


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Janchi Guksu Korean Noodle Soup

Easily and quickly prepare this delicious bowl of Janchi Guksu Korean Noodle Soup! Janchi translates into "feast" - so this warm bowl of noodle soup is meant to be absolutely satisfactory and comforting! The noodles are produced by traditionally learnt methods to keep its texture authentic and chewy, while the soup is clean and mild-tasting. Definitely a must-try if you haven't tried Korea's Janchi Guksu!

Storage Information

Store the product in room temperature (20°C and above). Consume as soon as possible once packaging is opened.


Net Volume: 100g


Noodles: Wheat flour (wheat/USA, Australia), refined salt (Korea)

Sempio anchovy soup: refined salt (Korea), glucose, soy sauce powder, Maeil amino acid extract 200S (defatted soybean/USA, India, China), maltodextrin, refined salt (Korea), sugar, monosodium glutamate (flavour enhancer), anchovy powder (anchovy/Korea), dried seaweed, garlic powder, onion powder, dried spring onion, dried carrot, udon powder, caramel colouring 1, seaweed flake, silicon dioxide, flavour enhancer, combined seasoning ingredients, Katsuobushi bonito powder

Possible allergens: Food products containing wheat, soybean.

Nutrition Information

Calories 329kcal (per 101g)


2289mg (114%)


68g (21%)


7g (7%) 

Total Fat

1.4g (3%)

Trans fat


Saturated fat

0g (0%)


0mg (0%)


11g (20%)

% are based on an average person's daily intake of 2000kcal

Please refer to expiry date as stated on the product.

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