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Laundry Detergent Capsules (28 pcs) Made in Korea | Cleanday

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Capsule Detergent

Simplify your laundry process with Cleanday's capsule detergent. Just drop one into your load of laundry and you're done! Made for the ultimate convenience and highly effective in ridding stains.

  • 6x more concentrated 
  • Stronger cleaning abilities with 7 types of enzymes
  • Detergent + Softener
  • Non-allergenic content
  • No microplastics & harmful chemicals

High-quality 100% Soluble Capsule

Dissolves fully even in cold water, and does not contain any materials that are harmful to the skin. Tested to be more than 99% biodegradable and will not break easily even when high pressure is applied.

What You Will Be Getting

A packet containing 28 capsules of laundry detergent.

User Instructions

Step 1. Drop the capsule detergent into the washing machine.

Step 2. Insert your laundry on top of the capsule.

The amount of detergent in each capsule has been adjusted for 1 full load (6kg) of laundry to avoid any wastage. Please use the appropriate amount with the following guide:

  • 6kg load = 1 capsule
  • >6kg load = 2 capsules

Storage Information

Avoid keeping the capsule detergent under direct exposure to sunlight, or in warm places with high humidity.

Do note that there may be changes to the detergent's colour depending on the conditions of the storage location. This is a natural result due to the plant-based content present in the active agent and not a defect.

Cautionary Note 

  1. Do not use the product for purposes other than laundry.
  2. Only use the capsule detergent with laundry items that can be wet cleaned.
  3. Check for any colour fastness on your laundry items before using them with the capsule detergent.
  4. Store the capsules in an air-tight container as humid and warm weather conditions may cause them to stick together or break.
  5. Keep the capsule detergent stored out of reach of children.
  6. Always drop the capsule into the washing machine before your laundry items to ensure that it dissolves well in the water.
  7. Do not handle the capsules with a wet hand.
  8. Do not cut or throw the capsules.
  9. Should the capsule get into your mouth, rinse it out thoroughly with water immediately.
  10. Should the detergent in the capsule get into your eye, consult a doctor with the product packaging.
  11. Should there be cases of ingestion, seek medical help at the hospital immediately.
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