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Multi-Purpose Stain Remover Paste 도돌이 찌든때클리너 (400g) | Dearcus


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Multi-Purpose Stain Remover Paste

You can now remove the stubborn stains on your cookware easily with Dearcus's Multi-Purpose Stain Remover Paste - it's time to say bye to endless scrubbing! And if you're thinking of letting go of your cookware because they look dirty, you can rethink about it and save your pocket from getting new ones. This Multi-Purpose Stain Remover Paste will make your pots and pans look as good as new!

BB Curator Comments

As Singaporeans, we like to save and use durable cookware for a long time, just like how our parents always encourage us to minimise wastage and save money. While we might have seen our mothers endlessly scrubbing the stubborn stains off their pots and pans in the past, we may not have the time and energy to do that with our fast-paced living styles. With these concerns in mind, this stain remover paste is definitely a lifesaver for us!

Why you should use the Dearcus Multi-Purpose Stain Remover?

Dearcus Multi-Purpose Stain Remover is super simple and easy to use. Simply spread the paste over the stained surface, wipe it off with a kitchen towel, rinse it with water, and you'll be able to remove the stains you were unable to scrub off for a long time!

Not only it's easy to use, it is also very versatile and works effectively on many types of surfaces! You can use it on your cookware, or anywhere else with stubborn stains, including walls, table tops and tile gaps! 


BB Tips

We recommend to use it together with Dearcus Multiuse Kitchen Sponge Roll

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