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FIKA Sauce Pan (18cm) | Neoflam


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FIKA Induction Sauce Pan

With minimal designs inspired by the natural landscapes of Sweden, FIKA cookware are high quality, functional cookware made in Korea. Their beautiful designs make them great for cooking and serving your dishes straight onto your dining table.

The compact 18cm sauce pan is ideal for whipping up single-portion meals such as a simple pot of stew or instant noodles.

Product Specifications

210 x 180 x 85mm (1.6L) Ceramic Coated 18cm Sauce Pan

FIKA Neoflam kitchenware product key benefits

Premium Non-Stick Coating

FIKA's non-stick ceramic coating is designed by an in-house research institute to resist stains and colourations, reducing the time and effort you need to spend on cleaning.

Sleek Design

With a specially curated palette of sandy shades that are inspired by nature, FIKA cookware's minimalistic designs are perfect for your modern dining table set-up.

Induction Stove Friendly

The FIKA sauce pan can be used on both conventional gas stoves, as well as induction stoves, allowing for more flexibility and creativity in cooking.

Made in Korea & Chemical Free

FIKA cookware are made in Korea and safe from harmful chemicals such as PFOA, using ceramic coating that is manufactured from natural materials.

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