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The Real Jjajang Tteokbokki 322g 진짜 짜장 떡볶이 | Omadeng

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Jjajang Tteokbokki Kit

Jjajang Tteokbokki is the perfect blend between the chewy rice cakes in Tteokbokki and the sweet bean sauce in Jjajangmyeon. This dish is ideal for those who prefer a sweeter alternate to the savoury original tteokbokki.

What's in the Kit?

Cooking Instructions

Ingredients: Omadeng fishcakes, rice cakes, vegetables, Omadeng Tteokbokki Jjajang sauce x1

Step 1: Prepare the fishcakes, rice cakes and cut vegetables of your preference.

Step 2: Pour 170ml of water with 1 packet of Omadeng Tteokbokki Jjajang sauce into a pan and mix well. Add in the prepared ingredients.

Step 3: Cook until the rice cakes are soft.

Brand Information

Omadeng prides themselves in providing quality Korean street snacks that are safe and enjoyable for children, with recipes crafted to be the perfect reminder of the taste of childhood. Their food products are healthy options that do no contain any additional colouring, MSG or wheat flour. 

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