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Pressure Rice Cooker 압력밥솥 (2.2L) | Sauten


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How Delicious Can Rice Be?

If you have never been a fan of rice, perhaps you are using the wrong cookware. Believe it or not, the taste of your rice differs with the pot you use. Ever been to traditional or specialised Korean restaurants? You might have witnessed and tasted rice that's served in personal-sized pressure cookers like this one.

There's a reason why this is the preferred rice cooking method of those restaurants. Pressure cookers retain all the natural flavours of the rice as they are tightly sealed, so that the rice tastes exceptionally good even without additional seasonings.

You can now create that rich taste of rice like you've never tasted in your very own kitchen with Sauten's Pressure Rice Cooker.

Key Points

    1. Works For All Heat Sources

    With a combination of 3 stainless steel metal materials, the rice cooker works on all heat sources, from gas ranges, hot plates, highlight stoves to induction stoves. This way, you can cook and enjoy your rice fresh from the pot on your dining table!

    Note: Please use the appropriate stove size on the gas range.

    2. Safe High-Pressure Lid

    Equipped with the best pressure-cooking technology for better heat retention and to cook rice more efficiently and deliciously. To ensure the user's safety, the lid is designed such that it does not open when there is remaining pressure in the pot.

    3. Instant Rice, But Better

    Ever need to add rice to your meal on a whim? Instant rice might be an option but it probably does not taste as good or is as healthy as rice you cook on your own. Cooking rice with a normal rice cooker however takes time. With a quality pressure cooker like this one, a healthy and tasty bowl of rice can be ready in just 5-10 minutes! 

    Product Specifications

    Size: (D) 17.3 x (H) 10cm (2.2L)


    Pot - 3 Ply stainless steel + Aluminium + Stainless steel

    Pressure Lid - Stainless steel + Bakelite

    Handle - Bakelite

    Origin: Made in Korea

    Compatible heat sources: Induction stove, gas stove, hot plate, highlight stove

    Safe Clad Metal Material

    Stainless steel-304 that is hygienic and tolerant against corrosion, commonly used in medical equipment, combined with stainless steel and highly pure aluminium to strengthen the advantages and eliminate the flaws of each material.

    • High thermal conductivity
    • Even spread of heat
    • Longer heat retention
    • Exceeding sturdiness
    • Beautiful exterior
    • Amazing hygiene
    • Lasting durability
    • Harmless to the human body

    Cautionary Note

    1. Ensure that no external pressure is applied to the pot when in use.

    2. Do not heat the pot in its empty state as it may become damaged.

    3. Do not lift the lid at any point in time when the pot is in use and only open the lid when all the pressure has been released through the indicator hole.

    4. Do not heat the pot when the exterior is stained with cooking oil or grease.

    5. Do not place the heated pot directly in cold water; wash it only after it's been cooled.

    6. After the rice is cooked, open the lid after releasing all the pressure within the pot by tilting the indicator diagonally.

    7. Place the pot when in use out of reach of young children to prevent any risk of scalding.

    8. Do not use the pressure rice cooker in the microwave or oven. 

    9. Do not use the pressure rice cooker to cook anything else other than rice (eg. soups and stews etc.)

    User Instructions

    1. Match the appropriate cooking amount with the pot's capacity

    The maximum amount of rice (including water) that should go into the pot is below the halfway mark of the pot. For mixed grain rice that will expand as they cook, ensure that the amount does not exceed the 1/3 mark.

    2. Please do not use damaged or warped product

    As damage or warped pots may compromise the safety of the product, do not use them.

    Check Before Use

    1. Closing the Lid

    • Push the lid handle downward slightly
    • Turn the knob to point towards '취사' 
    • Pull the lid handle up slightly to check if it is tightly sealed to the pot body

    • Position the indicator upright such that it does not lean to the side

    2. Opening the Lid

    • Tilt the pressure valve diagonally to release the pressure within the pot
    • Check if the safety valve has gone down
    • Turn the knob to point towards "?´림"
    • Lift the lid handle to open

    3. Check that the indicator hole is not blocked

    1. Twist the valve anti-clockwise straight up to remove it
    2. Check if the hole is blocked on the inside
    3. If it is blocked, use a thin and sharp pin to poke through the blockage

    Cooking Rice on Induction Stove

    1. Turn the lever towards ?œ취?¬â€?and straighten the safety valve
    2. Turn your stove on to high heat
    3. When the pressure valve starts to bob around, turn to medium heat
    4. When the pressure valve stops moving, turn to low heat
    5. Let the rice simmer a little while more at low heat and turn off the heat
    6. Tilt the pressure valve to let all the pressure out before lifting the lid
    7. Your tasty rice is ready!

    Cooking Rice on Gas Stove

    1. Turn the lever towards ?œ취?¬â€?and straighten the safety valve
    2. Turn your stove on to medium heat (never use high heat with a gas stove)
    3. After 3-4 minutes, turn off the gas (do not cook on the fire for over 4 minutes)
    4. Let the pressure valve continue to bob around for about 3-4 more minutes
    5. Even if the pressure valve is still bobbing, you can tilt it to let the pressure out
    6. After the pressure has all been let out, you can safely open the lid
    7. Your tasty rice is ready!

    Note: Rice cooks really quickly in the pressure cooker, so if you leave it cooking for too long, the rice may become burnt. When that happens, soak the pot with warm water and baking soda and scrub the burnt residue off with a stiff dishwashing sponge. As the pot is made of high quality stainless steel, the burnt residue should come off easily.

      Maintaining Stainless Steel

      Newly purchased stainless steel pots or cookware may have abrasives left on the surface. Ensure that you wash them with the following method before use.

      1. Fill about 2/3 of the pot with water, add 2-3 table spoons of vinegar and heat it up.
      2. Wash the pot with dishwashing detergent.

      *This method will lengthen the lifespan of the cookware up to 3 times.

      After cooking multiple times, stainless steel cookware may develop stains with a purple or rainbow-like sheen. This is a natural reaction caused by minerals in food. When this occurs, use a baking soda and vinegar solution to wash the cookware.

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