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Silicone Food Covers (6 Sizes Set)


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Silicone Food Covers

Retain the freshness of your food and drinks with these airtight silicone food covers that are a must-have kitchen item for solos and homemakers alike.

Product Details

Variety of Sizes

From keeping leftover rice and soup to fruits and vegetables, this set of 6 in a wide variety of sizes is sure to meet your every need.

Flexible Airtight Seal

The silicone covers are highly stretchable and create a fully airtight seal over your containers and food items. 

Although the covers are circularly shaped, their flexibility allows for airtight seals even around square or rectangular-shaped openings.

They are multi-purpose and can be used over plates, bowls, cups, and other cutlery.

Silicone Material

The silicone material used in these covers are of the same type as those used in baby bottles.

User Instructions


Sterilise the covers in hot water to keep them clean for use.

Refrigerator Storage

The silicone covers will not go out of shape when left in cold temperatures so you can use place them in your refrigerator with no worries.

Watermelon Cover?

With these silicone covers, you can now easily keep your half-eaten watermelon fresh!


Do not use the silicone covers near flammable objects such as an oven or a fire.

Do not seal the containers when using the silicone covers in a microwave oven.


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