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Vacuum Wine Saver Wieder 와인세이버 (Dot) | VAKUEN


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VAKUEN Vacuum Wine Saver Wieder

Are you hesitating to open a bottle of wine, worried that you will not be able to finish it? In as little as 2 days, wines which have been exposed to oxygen tends to have a change in taste due to oxidation, and soon enough, this process will turn it into vinegar. With VAKUEN's Vacuum Wine Saver Wieder, feel free to open a bottle of wine anytime without having to worry about its taste changing!  

VAKUEN literally means Vacuum in German, while Wieder means Again. VAKUEN's Vacuum Wine Saver Wieder prevents your wine from being exposed to oxygen and keep its original taste for your drinking again anytime, anyday. 

Why VAKUEN Vacuum Wine Saver Wieder?

1. A perfect vacuum made with a patented vacuum decompression seal and built-in pump 

With VAKUEN's patented vacuum pump technology along with a decompression stopper, it ensures that no significant amount of air is left in the wine bottle and neither would any air be able to seep in. Furthermore, under low pressure vacuum conditions, it prevents the wine from oxidising, decomposing and growth of bacteria.  

2. 100% Leak-proof

When under vacuum condition, no matter how you shake or place the wine bottle, there will be no leakage at all. 

3. Eco-friendly non-toxic Platinum Silicone Seal

The seal is made of Platinum Silicone which is widely used for baby pacifiers and medical tools. It is heat resistant, non-toxic to our body and eco-friendly, making it safe for long term usage. 

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