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Washable Kitchen Towel 빨아쓰는 롤행주 (Small) | Cleanette

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Cleanette Washable Kitchen Towel

Where 'Clean' and 'Etiquette' comes together to bring you a sparkling clean living environment.

Singapore is hot and humid all year long, making it perfect for odor to quickly take over your kitchen if you do not perform proper cleaning practices on a regular basis. The damp dish cloth or sponge in your kitchen could be the biggest culprit. But fret not, we've got the perfect solution for you! 

With Cleanette's washable kitchen towel, wipe down your kitchen in style, while keeping it safe and hygienic for you and your family. 

Special Feature

As good as the sponge and dish cloth are used as tools for wiping up spills and absorbing liquids, they also pick up harmful foodborne pathogens along the way. This means that unsafe bacteria are growing in your kitchen. 

Not only does Cleanette's washable kitchen towel remain dust-free, it also reduces the growth of harmful bacteria in your kitchen. 

What You Will Get

Size: 35 x 25cm (Sheet) 

Quantity: 35 Sheets / Roll

Weight: 3g / Sheet

Material: 100% Natural Rayon


Exquisite Design

  • Stylish checkered and perforated design for you to easily tear out any number of sheets needed. 
  • An economical option for you as it allows multiple rounds of washing while remaining dust-free, making it even more hygienic. 
  • Safe and non-fluorescent product, which does not produce harmful substances that causes skin or digestive issues


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