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Crushed Pear Drink 갈아만든 배 238ml | Haitai


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Crushed Pear Drink 갈아만든 배 238ml

Sensational ldH(배) Drink!

Ever heard ldH Drink is good to get rid of hangover? It used to be called ldH Drink as its name "배" resembles the English word, ldH. Just drink it before you go drink, to reduce hangover!

It has full of fresh pear pulp and uses Korean pears to keep the scent and sweetness, definitely perfect for quenching thirst as well! When you need a refreshing moment, it'll be the best choice! 

Product Information

  • Used Korean pears
  • Natural and sweet flavours
  • Fresh pear pulps with crunchy texture
  • Good to get rid of hangover

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