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Cold Noodles(Spicy Bibim) 3serving 1.14kg 모란각 비빔 회냉면


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모란각 비빔냉면 3인분 1.14kg / Cold noodles (spicy bibim) 1.14KG 3 servings

첫맛부터 시원하고 맛좋은 냉면! 

북한음식 전문점인 모란각에서 선보이던 전통냉면의 노하우를 살린 냉면입니다.

회무침,매콤달콤 양념장,쫄깃쫄깃 냉면사리, 새콤달콤 초절임무가 들어있습니다.

This is naengmyeon that makes use of the know-how of traditional naengmyeon presented at Morangak, a North Korean food restaurant.

It contains sashimi, spicy seasoning, chewy cold noodles, and sweet and sour vinegar.

Sashimi, spicy and sweet sauce, chewy cold noodles, and sweet and sour pickled radish are included.

● Product of Korea.

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