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[NEW] VAKUEN Dice Vacuumer 바퀜 다이스 바큐머 | VAKUEN

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바퀜 다이스 바큐머 | VAKUEN

For Total Vacuum! [VAKUEN] Dice Vacuumer

Meet VAKUEN Dice Vacuumer for MAHA, boasting strong total vacuum! Being a key component for VAKUEN's smart vacuum storage system, it quickly extracts air from the vacuum container to keep food ingredients conveniently. The biggest benefit of it is the automatic turn-off system when the vacuum is complete! 

Product's Features and Benefits

  • Customized for Mach container
  • Designed with reduced pressure capacity, enabling stable and powerful vacuum
  • Stable use with the convenient low square shape
  • Stops automatically, when the vacuum is complete
    Convenient charging with long-lasting lithium-ion battery and C-type USB cable
  • Compatible with vacuum bag

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