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Paldo Rice Drink 비락 식혜 (캔) 238ml | 팔도


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비락 식혜 (캔)  238ml | 팔도

Enjoy Korean Authentic Flavours! Paldo's Birak Sikhye

Meet the authentic traditional Korean beverage, Paldo's Birak Sikhye! It's a reliable drink as it is made with Korean rice and barley malt. Don't forget to shake it before drinking so you can enjoy it as it is!

Production Information

  • Healthy Sikhye made by extracting domestic barley malt
  • Chewy texture of rice, making Sikhye more savoury

How to Enjoy More

  • Try it with various rice cakes(떡)!

Storage Instructions

  • It can be safely preserved at room temperature as it went through high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization process

Food Type

  • Mix drink

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