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Tojang(Soy Bean Paste for Beef Soup) 샘표 차돌 토장찌개 양념 450g l Sempio


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Tojang(Soy Bean Paste for Beef Soup) 샘표 차돌 토장찌개 양념 450g

  1. Made using 'Tojang', the secret recipe of the aristocrats of old. Ordinarily, soybean paste is made of the leftover soybeans used in making soy sauce, meaning that many of the savory flavors go into the soy sauce rather than the bean paste. Tojang, however, doesn’t remove the soy sauce leaving all the delicious, deep, savory flavors intact.
  2. Ox bone stock and beef brisket have already been added – just boil the paste as is for a great tasting broth.
  3. Easily enjoy beef brisket stew like those you would find at Korean BBQ restaurants right at home.

- Ingredients : Doenjang1), Doenjang2), Seasoning powder, Beef brisket concentrate, Minced onion, Seafood seasoning, Alcohol, Water, Minced garlic, Beef bone concentrate, Cheongyang red pepper powder, Salt, Licorice extract. * Doenjang1 : water, soybean, salt, alcohol, koji starter. * Doenjang2 : soybean, soy sauce, water, salt, koji starter. * Seafood seasoning : monosodium glutamate, seafood seasoning base(anchovy powder, tuna concentrate, kelp extract powder), vegetable seasoning base, anchovy powder.

- Allergy Info. : Soybeans Seafood(tuna,anchovy)

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