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Kalgulsu(Spicy Noodle Soup,) 샘표 얼큰칼국수 101g | Sempio


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Kalgulsu(Spicy Noodle Soup,) 샘표 얼큰칼국수 101g

  1. Containing Korean green onion, onion and garlic, the seasoning brings out a pleasantly spicy and hearty flavor.
  2. The shiitake mushroom slices add depth to the flavor.
  3. The vacuum-fermented noodle stripes are even more elastic and do not get soggy easily.

- Ingredients 

  • noodles : wheat flour, salt
  • hot & spices sauce : water, solids raw vegetables, corn syrub, salt, beef bone extract, seasoned broth, seasoned broth base, seasoning-s powder, red pepper powder, beef extract, clam extract, red pepper paste, red pepper extract, yondu light
  • dried mushroom flake : dried shiitake mushrooms, dried green onion

- Allergy Info. : Contains wheat, soybeans, milk, clam

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