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Jaerae Gim(Savory Roasted Korean Seaweed) 5g*8ea 섬마을 재래 김 | Sempio

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재래 김은 100 % 국내산 김을 사용하여 친환경 깨끗한 물에서 재배하고

최적의 온도에서 참기름을 솜씨있게 구워 고소한 풍미와 바삭한 식감을 더합니다.

밥과 함께 먹어도 좋고, 그 자체로 간식으로도 좋고, 맛있는 간식으로도 드세요.


● Product of Korea.

100% Korean seaweed is harvested from clean waters.

  1. 1Laver (or gim) is an edible seaweed classified as red algae and is generally smooth and delicate in texture and is rich in iodine, iron, and other minerals.
  2. 2Jaerae gim is a red alga with thin leaves known for their radiating pattern. It is finer and softer in texture and lighter in color than Dol gim.
  3. 3Our Jaereae gim uses 100% Korean domestic laver that was cultivated in eco-friendly clean waters and skillfully toasted with sesame oil at an optimal temperature for a great nutty flavor and extra crunchy texture.
  4. 4Enjoy it with rice, by itself as a snack, or as a great drinking snack.
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