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Barley Tea(Roasted Grains) 순작 유기농 통알곡보리차 500g | Sempio


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Barley Tea(Roasted Grains) 순작 유기농 통알곡보리차 500g

  1. 100% organic raw materials are used without pesticides or chemical fertilizers for more than 3 years. Made with only selected raw materials that have passed 200 quality inspections throughout the whole processing period.
  2. The unique, pleasantly nutty scent & mild notes of a delightful roasted barley.
  3. A zero calorie drink to help feel light and healthy and relax the senses.
  4. 4Excellent both hot and cold, perfect for everyday drinking at any time of day from breakfast to after dinner or perfect for an evening drink just before bed.

-Ingredients : Organic barley

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