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옛날짜장 Black Soybean sauce 180g | 대상


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옛날짜장 180g | 대상

Product Features

  • Cheongjeongwon Old Style Jjajang is a traditional Jjajang that combines vegetables and pork (domestic) in a more appetising way.

How to Cook

- 3 minutes in boiling water

  • Heat the bag in the outer package in boiling water for 3 minutes and take it out using a chopstick hole.
  • Cut the bag along the perforated line and pour it over the warm rice and enjoy it.

- 2 minutes in microwave oven

  • Cut the bag along the perforated line and pour it over the rice first.
  • Cover it with a cup or microwave-safe cover, check 700W(2 mins) 1000W(1 min) and heat it to enjoy!

Storage Instructions

  • Avoid direct sunlight and keep the product in a dried place at room temperature.
  • Quick consumption is recommended as it may deteriorate easily, if you store the leftover.

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