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Rich Sesame Oil 진한 참기름 300ml | Hyundai Bangatgan

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Rich Sesame Oil 진한 참기름 300ml | 현대방앗간 Hyundai Bangatgan

Wholesome and Delicious HYUNDAI BANGATGAN Rich Sesame Oil

  • Maximize the aroma of imported sesame yet minimize a loss of nutrition
  • No preservatives

Hyundai Bangatgan, along with the tradition of Sinsa Market

  • Since 1970, Sinsa market has been loved by a lot of Koreans
  • Hand-made sesame oil, perilla oil, red pepper powder and misutragu
  • Produce all manufactured products under the meticulous system

Rich Sesame Oil Pressed by Low Temperature Compression Method

  • The problem of benzopyrene occured during the process of stir-frying sesame seeds at a temperature of 200°C or higher.
  • Rich sesame oil is pressed by "low temperature compression" method to be consumed more safely.
  • It's packed thoroughly with a special air cap and delivered so that you can receive it safely without worrying about damage.

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