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Bibimbap Gochujang With Roasted Beef 청정원 쇠고기비빔 고추장 300g(16ea)| Chung Jung One


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Bibimbap Gochujang With Roasted Beef 청정원 쇠고기 비빔 고추장 300g (1box=16ea)

Being Responsible for the Taste of Bibimbap, Beef Bibim Gochujang

One of Korean representative food, Gochujang! It's responsible for the taste of Bibimbap. It includes beef, various seasoning and sesame oil which add deep flavours. Just squeeze it on top of rice to make delicious Jeon-ju style Bibimbap!

About SunChang

Sunchang is a brand that specializes in soy sauce that inherited the fermented food of Myeongchi Sunchang. Food is made carefully with raw materials and traditional manufacturing methods. Sunchang has the best climate conditions for the growth of the fermented red pepper paste, and thanks to crystal-clear water of Seomjin River, deep-flavoured red pepper paste can be made.

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