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하늘이 내린 두부 210g 100% Korean Firm Tofu | 라라스팜


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Tofu하늘이 내린 두부 210g | 라라스팜

Expiry date 30 Apr 2022

Tofu Laden with a Savoury Flavour of Soybeans

[Lala's Farm] Heaven-sent Tofu

Tofu filled with a savoury flavour of soybeans is perfect for your daily cuisine. Not only soft, but elastic texture is always compliment to every dish! Enjoy the enchanting festivals from the tofu in your mouth.

What Makes Our Tofu Even Better

  • Flavourful taste
  • Excellent texture that perfect for all meals

What Can I Make with Block of Tofu?

  • Whip tofu into smoothies and desserts. When blended, silken tofu adds a rich, creamy texture to them
  • Replace meat with tofu
  • Bake tofu in the oven
  • Use tofu to make creamy sauces
  • Make tofu scrambles and quiches


  • Acquired reliable HACCP certification

Storage Instructions

  • Keep it refrigerated(0~10℃)
  • Quick intake is recommended

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