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하늘이 내린 블랙두부 210g 100% Korean Black Bean Firm Tofu | 라라스팜


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하늘이 내린 블랙두부 210g  | 라라스팜


Expiry date 30 Jun 2022

Black Tofu Laden with Savoury Flavours of Black Beans and Black Sesame

[Lala's Farm] Heaven-sent Black Tofu

Introducing to you, tofu that delivers great flavours! Made with fresh soybeans as a major ingredient, black beans and sesame. The more you chew it, the better taste it is! Enjoy the appetizing festivals in your mouth. Tastes best with well-ripen kimchi cut into a one-bite size. Can make it with stir-fry dishes and braised ones that optimizes this amazing black tofu, boasting its scent and flavour!

What Makes Our Tofu Even Better

  • Black tofu made with black beans and sesame
  • Soft texture with a deep savoury flavour

What Can I Make with Black Tofu?

  • Tofu shake
  • Tofu salad
  • Fried tofu


    • Acquired reliable HACCP certification

    Storage Instructions

    • Keep it refrigerated(0~10℃)
    • Quick intake is recommended

    Expiry date 09 Apr 2022

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