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하늘이 내린 순두부 300g 100 % Korean Bean Soft Tofu | 라라스팜


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하늘이 내린 순두부 300g  | 라라스팜


Expiry date 30 Jun 2022

Silken Tofu that Delivers a Traditional, Deep Savoury Flavour

[Lala's Farm] Heaven-sent Silken Tofu

This tofu reproduces the traditional, savoury taste that you used to have back in the days. Rather than changing all manufacturing systems into automatic ones, we prepared the handmade original tofu that provokes nostalgic memories. Highly recommended to ones demanding a low-salt diet and controlling the size of their meals, or vegetarians, as it has high protein and less calories.

Specialties of Lala's Farm

  • Silken tofu with a soft texture
  • Reliable Non GMO product

What Can I Make with Block of Silken Tofu?

  • After blanching, cook it for braised food or stew


  • Acquired reliable HACCP certificated

Storage Instructions

  • Keep it refrigerated(0~10℃)
  • Quick intake is recommended

Expiry date 06 Apr 2022

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