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Pork Jowl 도토리 먹은 듀록 항정살 (200g) | The BlueBasket


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Pork Jowl 도토리 먹은 듀록 항정살 (200g) | The BlueBasket

What is Pork Jowl?

The pork jowl is the part between the back of the pig's nape and the shoulder. The marbling of the flesh and fat is excellent, and the meat is very tender flesh and crunchy when grilled. It boasts the best taste for barbecue.

What is Duroc Pork?

Duroc is one of the world's top 3 luxury pigs, which is a breed of pig raised under strict breeding methods. It feeds on acorns as its diet, giving the pork meat a nutty and evocative flavour. If you're looking for pork with a better taste than normal ones, choose Duroc!

Check Point

Our experienced chefs hand-prepare the fresh meat into delicious proportions removing excess fat. 

It is fresh and boasts the best texture, especially with the tenderness of the meat and the crispness of the fat.

All of the preparation processes include quickly freezing the fresh meat, which ensures retention of moisture and tenderness.

Chef's Tip !

Defrost the frozen meat in the refrigerator before cooking the meat all the way through. Serve with a condiment prepared by mixing pepper, sesame oil, and salt.

What You Will Be Getting

300g of carefully selected Pork Jowl from Spain. 

Please store product in the freezer below -18 °C upon receiving it.

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