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Cabbage Kimchi 500g 맛김치 | BB Fresh Banchan

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Cabbage Kimchi 500g 맛김치 | BB Fresh Banchan

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Cabbage Kimchi

Korea's staple side dish, Cabbage Kimchi. This delicious cabbage kimchi is easy to eat, and was made by first cutting it into a suitable size, before preserving it using various seasonings to give it a crunchy texture. Try having this cabbage kimchi together with the other side dishes.

Kimchi is a side dish that is needed to complete a true Korean table setting. You can have it as soon as it was made, for the crunchy texture like when you're eating salad. If you prefer it more ripe, you can have it together with canned tuna or even use it to cook Kimchi Stew. 

Handmade with love by a Korean mom, taste the warmth and sincerity with our Cabbage Kimchi together with your loved ones. 

Freshly made by Korean Mom

Our side dishes are handmade by a Korean mother to bring you quality side dishes that do not compromise on the flavours that only a mother’s hand can produce.

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