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Curry Queen Cacao & Butter Curry Seasoning 카레여왕 부드러운 버터맛 (108g, 4 pax) | Chung Jung One


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Curry Queen Cacao & Butter Curry Seasoning

A rich and thick curry broth you can easily prepare and savour at home. Enjoy the soft taste and texture of butter and the nutty taste of cacao in your curry broth. As the cheese powder is packaged separately, you can add tit according to your preference of how cheesy you want your curry broth to be!

    Storage Information

    Please store product in a cool, dry place away from direct exposure to sunlight.

    Net Volume: 108g

    Possible allergens: Food products containing milk, soybean, wheat, beef, shellfish and chicken.


    Snow Curry (85g) - Rice flour, curry pre-mix, brewed soy sauce, bay salt, soybean, wheat, refined salt, fried onion powder, glycine, beef extract powder, curry powder, curry seasoning oil, Woozi oil, concoction (emulsifier, black pepper, garlic powder, vegetable oil, casein sodium, amylase, potassium phosphate, lecithin), alpha corn, coriander, cumin, turmeric powder, fenugreek, fennel, corn starch, refined sugar, composite seasoning, yeast extract, honey, pepper powder, apple fonduevo stock.

    Cacao & Butter Sauce (20g) - Purified water, refined salt, refined sugar, beef broth (Australia), fermented beef extract, beef bone concentrate, yeast extract, chicken, cocoa powder, demi glace sauce, ?¡mixed butter powder, vegetable extract, flavour enhancer, modified starch, processed butter.

    Cheese Powder (3g) - glucose, sweet whey powder, malto-dextrin, cheese powder (Denmark), salt, sodium chloride, processed cheese (Denmark), guar gum.

    Please refer to expiry date stated on product packaging.

    Curry Queen Cacao & Butter Curry Seasoning 카레여왕 부드러운 버터맛 (108g, 4 pax) | Chung Jung One


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    33 pieces of Tart Cherry in a pack

    A Cup of Tart Cherry

    Cherries are known as the diamond of fruits because of its rich taste and high nutritional value. Among them, the Montmorency Tart Cherry is said to be good for sleep and inflammation treatment. A cup of tart cherries consists of approximately 33 cherries (102g). 


    This is a Pre-Order product.
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    27 Oct (Wed) 12:00 PM ~ 29 Oct (Fri) 10:00 AM

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    Starts from 22 Nov (Mon)

    Introducing Petitbonbon, a Korean influencer who has 137k followers, known for her stunning recipes and kitchen tips. 
    Her Basket brings to you A Cup of Tart Cherry which Petitbonbon personally consumes daily and highly recommends. 

    What's included in the set?

    Option A: 18개입

    Exp Date. 2022. Aug 22

    Option A: 24개입

    Exp Date. 2022. May 17


    Highly Nutritious

    It is full of nutrients, including melatonin and quercetin which are beneficial for sleep, as well as 12 different kinds of vitamins and minerals. 

    Sweet Taste

    Instead of sugar, pears are added to increase the sweetness of the drink. Enjoy the sweetness of 16 Brix.

    ZERO Additives

    No chemical additives or sugar was added. Purely made of tart cherries, pears and purified water.


    The packaging is made of a material that does not release environmental hormones when heated. You can thus enjoy a warm cup of tart cherry drink by heating it up in the microwave. 

    BB's Tip

    Easy-Stand Design

    These stand up pouch bags stand on their own with a durable bottom gusset.

    Check Point

    Point 1. Premium Ingredients

    A Cup of Tart Cherry uses only the tart cherries grown on farms in the Antalya region of Turkey. With an optimal natural environment to grow in, these 100% Montmorency Tart Cherries have an excellent taste and aroma. 

    Point 2. Trusted Manufacturing Facility

    The tart cherries harvest in Antalya are sent to a nearby manufacturer for production. This large-scaled manufacturer works with 240 farms and produces more than 140 tons per day. 

    Point 3. Eco-Friendly Packaging

    The packaging used is made by Ecolean, an eco-friendly company in Sweden. It reduces the usage of plastic by 34% as compared to the packaging of other products. In addition, significantly lower amounts of greenhouse gases are emitted during production. 

    Point 4. Thorough Till The End

    After processing and packaging, the product goes through a final filling process at Birak, a famous Korean manufacturer. Established in 1963, Birak still remains as one of the best manufacturers in Korea, ensuring the best quality till the very end. 

    How To Enjoy

    Easy to tear 

    Tart Cherry Iced Tea

    Pour the a pack of A Cup Of Cherry into tall glasses with lots of ice

    Non-Alcoholic Mulled Wine

    Heat it in the microwave for about 20 seconds and enjoy it warmly


    This is a Pre-Order product.
    Please take note of the delivery schedule

    Order Period
    27 Oct (Wed) 12:00 PM ~ 29 Oct (Fri) 10:00 AM

    Delivery Period
    Starts from 22 Nov (Mon)

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