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Dotori muk 도토리 묵 400G


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Dotori muk 도토리 묵 400G

Expiry date: 24/March/2022

Dotori-muk or acorn jelly is a Korean food which is a jelly made from acorn starch. The flavor of the jelly is quite mild with hints of nutty and earthy flavor with a very slight astringent taste at the end. Cut the moist glossy it appropriately and put it in a bite with a simple seasoning. The slightly widespread bitter taste will stimulate your appetite.


How Do You Eat This?

The easiest way to eat acorn jelly is this: Dotori-muk garnished with a seasoning sauce. Most frequently, the seasoning is based on soy sauce mixed with other ingredients such as chili powder, scallions or garlic chives, sesame seeds and roasted sesame oil; a versatile sauce referred to as yangnyeom ganjang (양념간장).

Is Korean Acorn Jelly good for you?

It has no fat, no cholesterol, no sodium, and a bonus 1 gram of dietary fiber. It's also considered a health food that's good for stomach ailments.

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