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Korean Cheese Fire Chicken 치즈 불닭 (1 x 500g) | The BlueBasket


Korean Cheese Fire Chicken 치즈 불닭 (1 x 500g)

Korean Cheese Fire Chicken 치즈 불닭 (1 x 500g) | The BlueBasket


Cheese Chicken Buldak 

Cheese Chicken Buldak is a spicy chicken dish topped with plenty of melted mozzarella cheese. ‘Buldak’, which means ‘Fire Chicken’ usually refers to chicken dishes marinated with an extremely spicy sauce. However, BlueBasket’s rendition of Buldak is not too spicy, and can be enjoyed by everyone.
 Instead of artificial seasonings such as capsaicin or liquid smoke, red chili pepper and minced garlic are used to bring out the spicy taste in the dish. The savoury cheese complements the spicy chicken, giving it a deep umami taste.

Check Point

Premium Grade Meat

If You Had A Korean Mom’s Cheese Chicken Buldak is made using only the most tender part of the chicken, thigh meat. They are carefully selected, trimmed and deboned, so that you get to enjoy the moist and chewy texture of a boneless chicken thigh. 

BlueBasket’s Secret Recipe Sauce

To make it suitable for everyone’s palates, we reduced the spiciness and gave it a hint of sweetness using fresh fruits and our secret sauce. No artificial seasonings such as capsaicin was added, boasting a cleaner spicy taste. 

Savoury Mozzarella Cheese

A fantastic harmony of the mozzarella’s rich cheesy flavour with the spicy marinade, in addition to the stretchy and chewy texture of mozzarella cheese for you to enjoy. 

Fuss-Free Grilling

In order for the chicken to absorb the sauce well, it is flash-freezed after a period of marination before being shipped out. Impress your guests or loved ones by serving up this scrumptious dish, simply by grilling it in a pan. 

How To Cook


Thaw the product in a refrigerator. Usage of hot water or microwave will cause the meat to lose its juice and end up tough.  


Place the chicken in a non-stick pan and stir-fry on medium heat. 


Once the chicken is fully cooked, add in the mozzarella cheese. Cover the pan with a lid, serve once the cheese has melted. 

How To Enjoy

Delicious Buldak Wrap

Enjoy it in a wrap with lettuce, perilla leave and white radish. The freshness of the vegetables will make it more refreshing. 

End It With Fried Rice

Once the chicken is finished, add in rice, udon or ramyeon noodles. Stir-fry them together and enjoy a hearty meal.  

What You Will Be Getting

500g of Cheese Buldak and Cheese

- Individually vacuum packed and flash-frozen
- Please store product in the freezer at -18°C upon receiving it


- The product will be delivered in our BB Cold Box to retain freshness.
- Learn about BB BOX  >

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