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Korean Fire Grilled Seaweed (4.5g x 16 pkts) | CJ Bibigo


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Korean Fire Grilled Seaweed

Grilled using the traditional method on a direct charcoal blaze, introducing seaweed that is crispier than normal electrically grilled seaweed, filled with the hearty taste of a mother's cooking.

Fire Grill

The uneven crinkles on the surface of the seaweed is the result of being grilled directly over a 700°C blaze, 

Storage Information

Store the product in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight as exposure to heat may create an odour from the oil.

Ingredients: Seaweed (Korea) 50%, corn oil {corn kernel (USA, Russia, Brazil etc.)}, sesame oil (stir-fried sesame powder 50%: Vietnam, sesame 50%: foreign import), refined salt, other additives

This product is manufactured in a facility that manufactures products containing soy bean, milk, wheat and shrimp.

Please refer to the expiry date as stated on the product packaging.

Korean Fire Grilled Seaweed (4.5g x 16 pkts) | CJ Bibigo

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