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Microwave Cleaner

Did you know that heating up food with your microwave oven accumulates residue and germs that you sometimes do not notice?

It is recommended to clean your microwave weekly but the traditional method requires you to prepare a solution with lemon and baking soda and is not very efficient in cleaning. With Dearcus' microwave cleaner, you can easily safeguard your family's health by taking out only 1 minute of your time, minus all the prep work.

How it Works

Dearcus' Microwave Cleaner uses a steam cleaning method to effectively get rid of all accumulated dirt and desanitise your microwave.

The sheets contain cleaning agents such as ethanol and polysorbate 20 which helps with cleansing, and citric acid to remove any odour. Its embossed surface also makes it effective in wiping up residue more thoroughly.

Product Specifications

Size: Packaging - 15 x 9cm / Sheet - 28 x 18cm

Box Quantity: 12 sheets

Content: Purified water, ethanol, polysorbate 20, citric acid

Country of Origin: Republic of Korea

User Instructions

Step 1. After unsealing the packaging, unfold the microwave cleaner sheet and place it inside your microwave to heat for 1 minute.

Caution: Heating it for over 2 minutes may dry up the sheet, resulting in burning.

Step 2. Leave the hot cleaner sheet to cool for a bit before wiping over areas in the microwave that have stains.

Caution: The cleaner sheet may be extremely hot after heating up in the microwave. 

Tip: For more thorough cleaning, use a dry kitchen towel or cloth to wipe the inner surfaces of your microwave after using the microwave cleaner.

Cautionary Note

Do not use the microwave cleaner in an air-fryer, oven or desanitising machine.

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