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Vacuum Multi Container Set | VAKUEN


Fresher for Longer

Do you keep your food in plastic bags or zip-lock bags with the wrapping on? This can actually cause a build-up of moisture and external air that can speed up the decaying process. With VAKUEN's Multi Containers, ensure that your food can be kept in a completely dry, sterile environment. 

VAKUEN literally means Vacuum in German. Where there is no air, there can be no germs. Keep your food fresher for longer with VAKUEN's air-tight vacuum containers. The containers come in a sleek, functional design and are made with high-quality materials for long-lasting use.

Colourful rainbow pasta spilling out of Vakuen Vacuum Multicontainer

Key Features of Vakuen Vacuum Multi Container

1. A perfect vacuum made with a patented, built-in pump 

A perfect vacuum is created with a simple pump and spin, no more pesky seeps and leakages. 

Vakuen Vacuum Container displayed against blue grey background

2. Clear indication of vacuum status

A clear glass container allows for full view of the ingredients in your container. Watch your food expand as air is pumped out to create a vacuum.

3. Anti-bacterial Silicone Padding

The lid has an anti-bacterial silicone padding that prevents germs from entering the container. Remove the lid easily for washing and sterilising. 

4. BPA Free, Eco-Friendly, High-Tech SAN Container

Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) material is colourless, odourless, strong, clear, and light. Be assured that you only receive quality when you purchase VAKUEN's Vacuum Multi Containers.

Vakuen Vacuum Containers with tomatoes

5. Compatible with freezers, microwaves, and dishwashers


VAKUEN's Vacuum Multi Containers are heat resistant and do not release any endocrine disrupters or other harmful chemicals into food upon heating. No rubber is used as well.


VAKUEN's Vacuum Multi Containers are safe for use in dishwashers.

Fridge and Freezers

The containers can withstand cold temperatures up to -20°C.

6. Stackable, Modular Design 

Optimise space in your fridge by stacking containers on top of one another. When not in use, store the containers by stacking them into one another.


Basic 3-Piece Set

  1. 0.5L (105 x 105 x 110mm / 320g)
  2. 1.0L (105 x 156 x 112mm / 410g)
  3. 1.5L (165 x 165 x 110mm / 530g)

Basic 4-Piece Set

  1. 0.5L (105 x 105 x 110mm / 320g)
  2. 1.0L (105 x 156 x 112mm / 410g)
  3. 1.5L (165 x 165 x 110mm / 530g)
  4. 4.0L (265 x 215 x 117mm / 820g)

High 3-Piece Set

  1. 1.0L (105 x 105 x 180mm / 410g)
  2. 2.0L (105 x 156 x 178mm / 540g)
  3. 3.1L (165 x 165 x 186mm / 820g)

High 4-Piece Set

  1. 1.0L (105 x 105 x 180mm / 410g)
  2. 2.0L (105 x 156 x 178mm / 540g)
  3. 3.1L (165 x 165 x 186mm / 820g)
  4. 7.7L (265 x 215 x 197mm / 1010g)

How to Use

Creating a Vacuum

After placing your food items into the container and closing the lid, use the palm of your hand to press the vacuum pump multiple times until you can't press it anymore. Twist the dial to lock the container. This creates a vacuum within the container.

Releasing the Vacuum

Beside the lid's stainless steel dial, there is little white button that allows air to enter the container when pressed. After pressing that the vacuum is released and you can open the lid.

Vacuum Multi Container Set | VAKUEN

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