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돼지 목살 양념구이 400g Marinated Pork Collar | The BlueBasket


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돼지 목살 양념구이 400g Marinated Pork Collar (Chilled) | 블루바스켓

Marinated Pork Collar, One of The Most Loved Food In Korea

Meet the best combination of Marinated Pork Collar, which everyone must love!
BB's marinated pork collar is boneless, so has a lot to eat as it is shaped only with lean meat. Its a sweet and salty seasoning is the charm of it! Anyone of all ages can enjoy it deliciously. 

Cooking Recommendations

  • When grilling, flip it continuously over mid-heat so it doesn't burn
  • Tastes best with assorted vegetables for wraps

Product Information

  • 400g of Boneless Marinated Pork Collar
  • A Sweet and Salty Seasoning

How to Cook

  • First, Remove the absorbent paper covering the meat                                      
  • Air Fryer or Oven
    Cook in an oven preheated at 180 degrees for 20 minutes
  • Frying Pan
    Add a little oil to the frying pan and cook it over medium and low heat searing them on each side not to burn

Shipping Method

  • Products are placed in biodegradable bags and shipped via our BB Cold Box
  • Our BB Cold Box is layered with dry ice to ensure temperature is kept cool during transit
  • Upon arrival, our delivery person will hand over the biodegradable plastic bags containing your order(s)
  • BB Cold Box will NOT be given to the customer

Storage Instruction

  • Please keep it refrigerated

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