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Organic Sanitary Pads 리오패드(3 sizes) | Rheo

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Organic Sanitary Pads

Rheo is a premium organic sanitary pad with a 100% organic cotton top sheet and non-toxic adhesive covers. It does not contain chemicals or SAP and are hypoallergenic, making it suitable for females with sensitive skin. The premium organic sanitary pad also has high absorbency and is soft and comfortable to wear. Available in 3 different sizes (medium 24cm, large 28cm, overnight 32cm) to take you through both day and night and serve as your reliable monthly period care companion.

Why Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is softer, more breathable and more comfortable. This reduces the risk of allergies, rashes and skin irritation that can result from the plastic content of standard pads. The material is also more breathable, which reduces the risk of bacteria and fungal infections that usually stem from limited air flow to this sensitive area. 

Medium Size Organic Sanitary Pads (24cm)

The medium size organic sanitary pads are 24cm long and good for daytime use on days with normal flow. Each box contains 12 sanitary pads.

Large Size Organic Sanitary Pads (28cm)

The large size organic sanitary pads are 28cm long and good for days with heavier flow. Each box contains 10 sanitary pads.

Overnight Use Organic Sanitary Pads (32cm)

The overnight use organic sanitary pads are 32cm long and suitable for extra heavy flow. Each box contains 8 sanitary pads.

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