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Pork Ground Meat 200g 도토리 먹은 듀록 다짐육 | The BlueBasket


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Pork Ground Meat 200g 도토리 먹은 듀록 다짐육 | The BlueBasket

What Is Duroc?

Duroc is one of the world's top 3 luxury pigs, which is a breed of pig raised under strict breeding methods. It feeds on acorns as its diet, giving the pork meat a nutty and evocative flavour. If you're looking for pork with a better taste than normal ones, choose Duroc!

Ground Meat Made From Sirloin

Pork sirloin is a long cut along the back of the pig, which allows you to feel a light and tender texture. It is a low-fat yet high-protein food with a protein content of about 22g per 100g, and is good for baby and diet food.

Very Versatile Ground Meat

Less Fat, More Lean Meat!

Ground pork meat can be used to any dishes, such as dumpling filling, meatball, mapa tofu, hamburg steak and stir-fried chilly pepper paste. As It doesn't smell bad, you can enjoy it more neatly.

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