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If you keep your food in plastic bags or Ziploc bags with the wrapping on,

This can actually cause a build-up of moisture and external air that can speed up the decaying process. With VAKUEN's Multi Containers, ensure that your food can be kept in a completely dry, sterile environment.

Comparison of Freshness Retention


2 Types of Vacuum

PUMP(Mannual Vacuum Type)

MAHA(Device Vacuum Type)

BPA Free, Eco-Friendly, High-Tech SAN Container

  • Stackable
  • Colourless
  • Odourless
  • Strong
  • Transparent
  • Light in weight
  • Not easily broken
  • Greatly improved heat resistance and durability
  • Can hold hot water
  • Great alternative to glass bottles
  • Much better thermal stability compared to PP
  • Does not produce carcinogens not using polycarbonate

Eco-friendly, Non-toxic antimicrobial Platinum Sillicon

All the products VAKUEN use are made with platinum sillicon. It is an eco-friendly material that safe for humans, being used for medical purposes and infants’ products. Antibiotics are added to block bacteria that cause food poisoning, so they can be used more hygienically.

All the products VAKUEN except maha devices made in Korea with Korean materials and technology. OEM products with low-quality are incomparable.

How to use VAKUEN

PUMP : Dial-Up

  1. Place your hand evenly and put your palm on the dial.
  2. Press the vacuum pump and rotate it counterclockwise.
    *Designed in spring structure, the dial can be easily turned when the spring is pressed.

PUMP: Creating a vacuum

  1. Place food items into the container and close the lid.
  2. Dial-up and press the vacuum pump multiple times to discharge the air. Pumping times differ from items’ amount and quantity.
  3. Turn the dial clockwise to lock when pump is no longer pressed.

PUMP: Releasing a vacuum

  1. Press a little white button beside the dial.
    *To be released, it must allows air to be entered.
    *The vacuum is maintained when you hear the sound of air coming in.
  2. Press the white button multiple times to be released and open the lid, holding the lid and clear container.

How to use VAKUEN MAHA

MAHA: Sealing a partial vacuum

  1. Close the lid, after placing food items into the container.
  2. Press the air valve(Valve Down).

MAHA: A total vacuum with a vacuum device

  1. Close the lid, after placing food items into the container and press the air valve.
  2. Put the vacuum device on the top of the air valve and discharge the internal air.

MAHA: Open the lid

  1. Pull the air valve of maha(Valve Up).
  2. Open the lid, holding the transparent container and lid.


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