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Sando Salad Bowl 산도 샐러드볼 (White) | SOILBAKER


Sando Salad Bowl

While these have been designed for plating fruits and salads, they are the perfect size and shape for pastas, curries and sides as well. A versatile tableware that is aesthetically pleasing, adding a contemporary charm to your daily dining set-up and a touch of elegance for special occasions.

Product Details

The Sando line is densely produced at a high temperature of 1250 degrees that prevents any discolouration from food. Soil Baker's ceramics are mixed with a clay called sancheongto with a white porcelain, which contains a certain amount of iron, making them durable and delicately coloured. 

Size: Diameter 22.7cm x Height 6.5cm (1.2L)

(Note: Measuring deviations of up to 2cm may be present)

User Note

  • Soilbaker's ceramics are safe for use in dishwashers and microwaves
  • Do not use the ceramics in the oven or over a direct fire as it can cause cracks
  • Metallic cutlery may create scratch marks on the porcelain
  • Use a soft, non-metallic dishwashing sponge when washing the ceramic products
  • As Soilbaker's ceramics are hand-crafted and fired in kilns, glaze flow marks, small bumps and air bubbles can naturally occur from the manufacturing process
  • As Soilbaker's ceramics are made with natural soil, when soil or glaze that contains a lot of iron is utilized, small dark dots (iron powder) may occur during the pottery baking process

Sando Salad Bowl 산도 샐러드볼 (White) | SOILBAKER

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